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I Found Carmen SanDiego Here!

Well… Not exactly.

BUT.. I did find this gem of a product!

I love to carry perfume with me, but I constantly worry it will break or spill into my bag. For me, I have this need to constantly respritz myself at least 3 times a day on a normal work day. Once in the morning, around lunch, and after work if I’m going out for drinks or seeing a special someone.

The Travalo is quite the accessory every girl should own if she wears perfume. It’s super small, affordable and comes in a bunch of colors. The best part is, it’s cheaper on Amazon.com! It basically is a product to make your perfume travel size without the worry of the perfume bottle breaking or spilling in your bag.

Here’s what you do:

- Take the top off the spray part of your perfume.

- Put the Travalo in it’s place & press down a few times until the bottle is full.

- Put the perfume top back on.

- Viola! Personal travel size version of your perfume without any leaks or spills!


If you are anything like me, this is a must have and it is AMAZING.


Here is the Travalo website


Here is the Travalo on amazon (in my favorite color ;))


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